About Us


Who we are?

Mobliss.com is a company in Las Vegas which provides new technologies to advertise your brand in several different ways through mobile phones. We are a team of expert professionals who create these advertising ways to help many business owners and entertainment to showcase their brand. Mobliss is founded in 2005 by the brothers Alex and Mike who have the passion and dedication in creating new technologies in the advertising industry. Instead of helping only one company where they are working, they decided to help more by founding their own company in Las Vegas. They offer their creativity in advertisement using mobile phones and now, they are helping more and more businesses and entertainment shows through their craft. With the years of experience in the field, we can say that we accomplished so many goals and mission that we always wanted to happen. We already received recognition and commendation from our clients and we are always thankful that they keep coming back to us to advertise again their brands.

What we can offer?

Mobliss.com is offering technologies that are new, unique and effective. We are not just here to provide you with ways of advertising your brand but we also here to build the connection between you and your consumers wherever they are in the world. Mobliss offers advertisement through the mobile phone using text messages, games, and ringtones and graphic arts. Through these, you can easily inform your consumers about your new products, promos, discounts, and other services as fast as just a few seconds.

Please see our services and other pages available to you to know better about us. You can also email us about this matter. Our contact details can be seen on our contact page.